January 7, 2020

My love for Paso Fino horses

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:16 pm by Aleksan

My Cousin Rachel suggested I put a post up about my horses, and what they mean to me. I rode on our family farm occasionally, but developed a progressive neurological disease making this difficult. After my retirement from a career in Psychiatry, helped by young friends, I got into riding again, acquiring several Paso Fino horses, a gaited breed especially good for disabled people.

I began Showing and also riding out on the trail, farm tracks Bridleways, beaches, woods. I have numerous Rosettes, many Firsts, including Dressage. We have a Yard and Stables where now I am older I spend shorter periods of time exercising and experimenting with my favourite magic mare, Sonadora. We have been together now for about 17 years. She is nearly 26 and I am 75, so our combined ages come to over 101!

Sonadora is kept fit and well exercised by my young friend Sarah, who shares our six Paso Finos with me, and manages the Yard when she is not at Surrey Vets researching Microbiology for her PhD. I will be frank, without Sarah I would have stopped riding years ago and would not have six horses! I find riding very good for increasing my core strength and balance, and excellent for my mental health.

Horses are empathic beings and I love the trust they give, and their caring nature towards their riders, if trained well and ridden with love. I am sure that our lovely horses, and my horsey friends have not just put years on my life, but helped my Soul to grow. There you are Rachel, I hope this is what you expected of me. I admire your work to improve Horse Access in the countryside, and Sonadora, our other Paso Finos and their riders look forward to going out on the trail, including and especially, disabled and elderly riders like me.

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