January 6, 2020

Luka’s Lamp

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:41 pm by Aleksan

In my left hand I hold an ancient Romano-British Oil Lamp. It was found buried in Gloucestershire, England, I think, last year. My mind is filled by the picture of a little dark haired girl, about 8 years old. She is running towards me, hand outstretched and reaching for the lamp. She tells me me her name is Luka, and that the lamp belonged to her mum and dad. It was often used to light her to bed on dark nights in Winter, and the lamp was smokey, with a smell which sometimes made her cough.

Luka became ill, and used to watch the lamp from her bed. She loved seeing her mother light the lamp, and she wondered at the pictures in the smoke, the shadows on the wall. Luka died, and the last thing she saw was the light from this special, small round lamp, with a the image of a Lion stamped on it. Her mother kept the lamp on a special shelf with the household Gods after Luka died, and used to pray to her daughter, and send her Blessings for a safe journey in the underworld.

I shall keep Luka’s lamp in a special place, and I am glad she knows where it is, and who has it. We are connected by the lamp, and when I hold it in my hand, unlit, it feels warm and comfortable. I send Blessings to Luka, May the Gods protect her on her journey.

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