December 28, 2019

Carrying a dog on a stair lift? How can this be done safely?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:01 am by Aleksan

This morning I successfully took Sammy up on the chairlift – we were concerned he might struggle but he sat on my lap as good as gold. Penny had to put him on me when I sat on the lift. He is getting weaker and sometimes can’t climb the stairs at all, and wails. Penny is away for a few days later in February and somehow I must find a way of lifting him up myself, then sitting on the chair lift. This could be difficult. Also he is quite vulnerable going up on the stair lift – if he were to slip out of my grip he could fall badly from quite a height down the stairs. So we are exploring other options – eg a large dog carry bag that could be secured to the stair lift and me when we go up. He is large for a Westie, and weighs about 12 Kg. Anyone else with experience of overcoming this problem, or other ideas?

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