December 27, 2019

The White Marble

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:13 am by Aleksan

I had a strange dream last night – I don’t yet know what it means, but will meditate upon it…
The White Marble – A Symbolic Dream
Waiting for the Professor – when he comes the others move off to the Meeting Room – I trip over my stick and fall down, twisted and stuck – I am holding a White Marble, small and round – the Professor, an old man with thinning grey hair and grey suit, kneels down, and we look at each other eye to eye. I give him the White Marble to hold so I can get up on my own. Then he gives it back, but because I need a hand free, the other hand holds my stick, I put the White Marble into a nearby dish of orange peal. Then I think it might disappear amongst the orange peal, and be mislaid. So I pick it up and ask the Professor to hold it for me – and then we walk to the Meeting Room where the others are waiting. Before we go in the Professor handed me back the White Marble….

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