December 15, 2019

Ales iacta est – The die is cast…

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:47 pm by Aleksan

The Die is cast, it’s now in the lap of the Gods, as it always has been. Evolution is slow, and Change is Nature’s Delight. Perhaps we should not expect too much fairness or empathy from Silver Back Gorillas with shoes. But we have to keep trying to cultivate a fairer and kinder Society despite the self interest and greed, driven by fear and insecurity, and exploited by the Tribal Elders. We older ones have had our time, but is the World now ready for women and younger people to play a greater part?

Maybe not the World but perhaps this will happen in the British Isles as in Scandinavian countries. Meanwhile we have got Johnson – who heads a re-invigorated conservative Tribe – despite his bumbling persona and posh background he will want to succeed as a Man of the People – and he does have some intelligence – let’s all hope he uses his gifts and position wisely and with compassion.

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