December 13, 2019

A poignant analysis of the Election results by my wife, Penny Burnfield

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:38 pm by Aleksan

The people have spoken! Che sera sera.
Call me a bad loser if you will – but consider the following:
Only 43% voted Conservative. If you include UKIP about 48% voted for leave parties
52% voted for remain parties or those who were offering a second referendum. Do those figures sound familiar?
What might have happened if there had been a repeat of the original in/out EU referendum before the General Election?
Yet Mr Johnson and his party now claim they have a massive mandate to leave, when in fact, because of our electoral system, they just have a massive majority in parliament
What kind of democracy is this?

Surely we need a different system. But the main parties will not support proportional representation when the current system delivers this kind of result for them.

I’m puzzled by those constituencies in the north who voted leave because they felt they had been ignored by the Conservative government and ‘wanted to give them a good kicking’. Now they have voted the same party back into power ‘because it meant they were being heard’. But is there any evidence that the new government will take any notice of them now? Will the Tory party change its spots? There have been lots of promises…

Anyway, we will leave the EU. Scotland will leave the U.K. We have delivered ourselves into the hands of Donald Trump’s USA. Both the EU and the USA are immensely more powerful than us, so the results of any future negotiations are hardly likely to favour us.
And the US government doesn’t even recognise Climate Change.

I’m old. None of this will affect me personally. But I fear for the future of our country, which I love, and used to feel proud of. Perhaps I’m wrong – I sincerely hope I am.

I will now shut up and go back to ‘Cultivating my Garden’ – as Voltaire said.

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