December 10, 2019

The key issue in this election is the NHS – I shall NOT be voting Conservative!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:52 am by Aleksan

I have suffered a long term illness since training to be a doctor 55 years ago. I have been a patient in the NHS all that time and received treatment that has saved and prolonged my life. I have worked in the Health Service first as a Junior Doctor, and later as a Consultant. I am now one of the increasing numbers of elderly retired people with a long term condition. I know how important our Health Service is. For me Brexit is not the main issue in this Election – it is Health and Social Care. The Torys have been running down the NHS for 9 years, maybe so they can say it is not fit for purpose, and should be privatised? I don’t trust the Torys to look after me, my family or my friends who may need Health or Social Care. If they really cared about the NHS they would have properly funded it – they have had NINE YEARS to do this and have failed. I shall NOT be voting Tory! Do you blame me?

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