December 9, 2019

Our politicians and our voting system are not fit for purpose

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:34 am by Aleksan

It is a sad truth that Politicians are not the brightest in any Society but consist of people that want to control and organise our lives, and believe that they “know best”. Not only that but their beliefs seem to reflect the lowest common denominator rather than the highest – they follow the ignorant majority rather than evidence and experts. Generally speaking politicians run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.

This may sound rather negative, but the facts speak for themselves. Look at the Environment for instance – Scientists and Meteorologists have clearly demonstrated the evidence for climate change, global warming and the dangers of pollution, and abuse of the planets resources, for decades – but were ignored.

Along comes a young teenager who points out that the Emperor has no clothes and the politicians are fighting to get on the Bandwagon. But can they be trusted? Is our system Democratic? I believe the answer is No in both cases. Until we have a fairer voting system, proportional representation for instance, and genuine People’s Assemblies there will not be fair Democracy, and politicians will not be trusted. I don’t feel like voting for any politician in this election, they do not inspire me and I don’t believe they are trustworthy or competent.

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