November 14, 2019

A fright in the night – have Aliens visited Terstan Garden?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:24 am by Aleksan

Got up in the night, looked out at the dark garden and saw something unusual in the moonlight – probably the Caravan door reflecting, I mused absent mindedly. I was just turning away when it moved….I did a double take – yes, its floating along! What could it be? I was a bit scared…then I saw there were two of these things, then more forming a group. They appeared to be talking to each other now, and there were small movements as though they were arguing. I peered more closely and saw that they were tall thin entities, maybe covered in white, reflecting in the Moon. I looked for the Moon – and then I had a shock, my spine tingled, and I went cold. It was not the moon shining but a pulsating light in the meadow next to the garden – aliens! I had seen enough, I rushed back to bed, shut my eyes and curled up in my duvet – and went into a deep sleep. in the morning I looked out of the window again. Nothing in the garden, but a brown patch in the meadow where the pulsating light had been. I was perplexed – why should aliens have visited Terstan Garden? Or was it an NGS Night Patrol? Or a seed collecting Society from North Korea? I suppose I shall never know. Unless they come again…..

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