November 13, 2019

Who to trust, who can deliver, who to vote for?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:41 pm by Aleksan

“I am not voting this time – I don’t trust any of them”. I have heard this response several times lately, and I can understand it. Political leaders hardly inspire trust, and one of the reasons for this is the Party system. We are generally forced into voting for one Party or another, with a fixed package of beliefs, culture and promises.

But many thinking people most likely support some policies from each Party, and end up with a compromise. This works most of the time, but how well can it work in the next election? Some people are tribal and will vote for the a Party their family or friends vote for – these pressures are formidable, and loyalty often eclipses intelligence.

I personally have the choice of backing the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives. Labour does not come into it here. My main concerns are not about Brexit but for the need to deal with climate change, land and sea abuse and loss of biodiversity together with the extinction crisis.

There are going to be some very hard decisions to be made and people generally will not want to vote for the necessary changes ahead. I belong to the Green Party, more as a pressure group than a Party with serious political prospects. I like Labour’s social policies and support for health and education, for a fairer distribution of wealth, but can’t trust their ability to manage the economy or business. The Conservatives on the other hand have a better record on managing the economy and supporting business but seem to lack understanding of the less privileged and the need to develop health, education and social care.

I am angry that both main parties have neglected social care for the elderly and local transport. I want to see public transport take over from private cars, but at the moment few busses pass near here and to survive in the countryside the car is a necessity. I don’t want not to vote – but the choice is going to difficult on December 12th…..

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