November 11, 2019

My first horse – a wooden one

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:18 am by Aleksan

Last night I dreamed of my first horse – a wooden one made by my father. He cut out a two dimensional wooden horse head with ears and painted on the eyes, nostrils and mane. This was stuck to an old broom handle,with an added horizontal piece at the top sticking out each side to hold on to. “Gee up Neddy” and loads of fun hopping round the large kitchen at Hazeldown Farm, and inside and out of the house getting in everyone’s way. Later models had wheels on the bottom for my little brother and sisters to enjoy. After the war, in the late 40s, Dad and our Uncles made and painted all our toys, including trains, lorries and forts, and sometimes things made of metal, all from the farm “Shop” – and nothing made of plastic!

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