November 29, 2019

The Circus

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The Circus in town, the Clowns are performing
The Monkeys wear clothes of red and of blue
The Ringmaster cracks the whip multi media
The Punters turn heads at the drama and tedia
The world is ablaze, and towns under water
Ice caps are melting, the Oceans gone plastic
Billions of trees to suck up bad gases
Get rid of the cattle but fly where you like
Cars guzzle on but it’s better to bike
Now is the time to think who to vote for
The choice is between lies and Ice Sculpture
The forecast is rain for December the 12th
But even bleaker for our National Health

November 28, 2019

Fun with Hero the Feret and JD “The Jadenator” with Sarah J

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November 27, 2019

Half a Crown

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Long ago when I was very little a tall man with a white beard and wearing a black flannel suit gave me Half a Crown! It was my mother’s paternal granddad, Mr Bright. He was a builder, and like all his family spoke with a strong Wiltshire accent. I never saw my Great Granddad again, but I will always remember the time he gave a very little boy a precious Half Crown.

November 25, 2019

Healing Dreams!

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I have recently been in the habit, before retiring to bed, of asking a certain Goddess, who shall be nameless, for healing dreams. I am not sure if we have got our wires crossed or whether I have been overheard by a mischievous Faerie, but my dreams of late have been very funny, and I have woken up laughing! These dreams have been full of fun, practical jokes, and other humerous goings on. Last night demonstrating a new watering system in a fantasy greenhouse I managed to soak a variety of semi familiar figures, living and dead. So be careful what you ask of the Gods – but perhaps laughter is the best medicine?

November 23, 2019

Do we really need GPs?

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GPs don’t want to do home visits anymore because they have not got time. Do we actually need GPs anymore? For many years I have thought the whole GP system archaic and not fit for purpose. In many other countries they have no GPs – instead they have Poly Clinics where patients go to a particular specialist depending on their symptoms – if they choose wrong initially they are passed to the correct one for them. Of course this system is backed up by A and E together with Hospitals. I forecast the end of GPs in the next decade – just go to your local Nurse or Pharmacy, or Polyclinic instead. Home visits? Use your IPad, or just die quietly…

November 20, 2019

Talking to the Stars….

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Apparently people who talk to their pets are pretty smart. I talk to Trees, Stones, Rivers, the Sun, Moon and Stars and the Wind, and also to a variety of Gods and Goddesses, Faeries, Birds and long dead Ancestors as well as Animals past present and future. It seems to work well, and I love and laugh a lot too! Blessings to you all my Sisters and Brothers everywhere 💥💥💥

November 19, 2019

The Johnson/Corbyn Debate

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Johnson/Corbyn Debate – wonderful TV! Both got their points over well, both spoke over their limits, both showed intellectual prowess. Best of all was Julie Etchingham, the interviewer, who even managed to get them to shake hands at one point! She maintained control and her smile was a joy to see. All three came across as imperfect but genuine human beings.

Political drivel, hate memes and nauseous election promises

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Beauty contest leaflets and a variety of hate memes bombard me as the election campaign continues. I hunker down in my countryside bunker, or is it an ivory tower? – as soon as the literature arrives it is binned. I laugh at some memes in the media, others make me sick, but my responses are distributed equally between political armies.

The constant flow of memes don’t manipulate me into voting for the various Party PR efforts. Rather the opposite, I don’t want to be associated with such childish drivel. At one level this is amusing but mostly I find my self bored with the election process, weakened by both Brexaustion and the low grade infection of nauseous political promises….

November 17, 2019

The scapegoated Duke of York

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I am sure I am not going to be popular for this but I am not happy at the way so many are attacking the Duke of York. I did not listen to the interview but have heard repeated excerpts, each followed by unpleasant comments mostly by London Metropolitan females.

Like most members of the Royal family he is not particularly bright and lacks social skills. He has clearly been mixed up with some rum folk who have taken advantage of him. I personally think he has been protected from worldly things and probably finds relationships a nightmare. He has made mistakes, and like the rest of us, he is no Angel, but does he deserve the scapegoating he is getting at the moment?

November 15, 2019

is Broadband now an essential service that should be provided free for all by the State?

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Generally speaking I consider that essential services- health, social care, and transport should be free and provided by the State. All other business, manufacturing, finance, farming, retail and entertainment should by run by private enterprise and be self financing. Corbyn wants to make Broadband a service, free for all and run by the State – the questions are: is this idea feasible, is it good for employment and jobs, is it good for business and, is Broadband now an essential service?

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