October 18, 2019

The Brexit deal – what’s the rush?

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:39 pm by Aleksan

One lot says it’s a wonderful Brexit deal, the other lot are horrified – and say it’s an awful deal! They both have their reasons and vested interests. Both lots want you to vote for them so they can have power. So what’s the truth? There is no Truth just different truths depending on your background and beliefs.

From my position it seems wrong to rush a bad deal just to “get it done”. A deal that will clearly leave us worse off and risks escalating tensions in Northern Ireland. I believe that if there is to be a deal it must genuinely be best for the whole country not just for any political party.

It seems to me too late to go back and stay in the EU, and most people did vote to leave, unlike me. A quick deal won’t get it done, it will be the beginning of a very long haul. So let’s not rush things – before we agree anything let’s see what people really want and let’s have that General Election – before any deal is signed off.

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