October 7, 2019

What can each of us do to fight Climate Change?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:29 am by Aleksan

There was a guy on the radio suggesting that there were four things each of us could do to help the environment and minimise the impact of Climate Change.

1. Have less children ….OK

2. Drive less…..OK

3. Fly less ….OK

4. Eat less meat and dairy….that’s the one that gets me. I can and do eat less meat, but dairy? I love butter, milk, yoghurts and especially cheese! And I live on a beautiful dairy farm, one of the few that is totally organic and run on environmental lines. The guy on the radio said that most farming was industrial, and that all farming should be on a small environmental scale, organic. So OK with that. Everything has to be in balance, and there are many challenges ahead. Is it OK to have a chocolate croissant for breaky? Too late it’s down the hatch!

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