October 6, 2019

Old Sam sleeps more and more but still, like me, enjoys his life

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:24 pm by Aleksan

I look with love, and smile, at my dear old friend Sammy sleeping peacefully. As we age we sleep more and more until the time comes when we move on, and pass over to that other world where this space time ceases and other dimensions of existence rule.

He has arthritis, a degree of incontinence and less energy. But like me, his mind is as sharp as ever, and his puppy playfulness comes out from time to time. His hearing and sight are not so good, and he likes to stay near and safe.

I hope when I am old and sleeping more and more, that there will be someone there to smile at me, and care about my extra needs, before I too make that last journey. But now, today, both Sam and me enjoy the fun of life and the sun on our old backs, and neither of us plan to set off soon – but that decision lies only with the Gods of Destiny.

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