October 29, 2019

Promises, promises….

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Only a fool or a scoundrel makes a promise that is not in their power to deliver. Johnson in both – bring on a General Election to clear the stinking air of distrust!

October 28, 2019

Old Sammy in our Den this morning

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Dear old Sammy, like his kennel mates Penny and me, is feeling his age a bit now. He enjoys life, eats well and is mostly well but has now got some osteoarthritis in his little legs and feet. So he has started on some anti inflammatory analgesics which we hope will settle him, and take away the discomfort he has been getting of late. He was a speedy gonzalez when young and could be across the meadows in seconds chasing birdies that he never quite reached, and I guess he is paying the price for a very active life, rather like a retired professional footballer. Here he is chilling in his seat next to mine in our den x

October 27, 2019

Greenwich Mean Timewarp….

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The change to Greenwich Meantime here has led to an odd time warping effect. Penny and I are living in slightly parallel universes – I can’t hear what she is saying, she is in the garden when I thought she was indoors, and doors that were shut are open. Her phone shows 1127 and mine 1118. I just hope we manage to coordinate before lunch time – expecting pumpkin soup.

October 22, 2019

Modern Life and the Night Sky

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Apparently people are having problems with Modern Life – it’s light and noisy at night, people don’t sleep, birds are messed up….I am grateful that here in the Hampshire countryside it it is dark at night unless the Moon is out. It is not always quiet – owls hoot, foxes bark, badgers squeal occasionally, but I do get the nine hours sleep I need, although not necessarily continuously.

The secret is to go to bed once it gets dark and get up when the light comes back. It’s sounds smug, and I am aware that not everyone can have peace and silence at night.

I was pleased to hear that nearby Cranborne Chase, where Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset meet, has been designated a Site of Darkness, or something like that, where people can see the Stars in all their glory – just to see the wonder of the Night Sky dispels illusions about Modern Life!

October 19, 2019

The Brexit Debate – Let Wisdom Guide!

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Sam and I have just come out into the Sun, and left off watching the Brexit Debate in Parliament. So many MPs sincerely having to make a hard decision, with no real idea of future consequences. Each one speaks his own truth based on backgrounds, party affiliation and partial understanding. And then they will vote. They are warriors in a way but also, like warriors, victims of circumstance. Whatever people say, they are mostly doing their best to balance what is right for the country with what is demanded by those who voted for them. May wisdom guide them!

October 18, 2019

The Brexit deal – what’s the rush?

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One lot says it’s a wonderful Brexit deal, the other lot are horrified – and say it’s an awful deal! They both have their reasons and vested interests. Both lots want you to vote for them so they can have power. So what’s the truth? There is no Truth just different truths depending on your background and beliefs.

From my position it seems wrong to rush a bad deal just to “get it done”. A deal that will clearly leave us worse off and risks escalating tensions in Northern Ireland. I believe that if there is to be a deal it must genuinely be best for the whole country not just for any political party.

It seems to me too late to go back and stay in the EU, and most people did vote to leave, unlike me. A quick deal won’t get it done, it will be the beginning of a very long haul. So let’s not rush things – before we agree anything let’s see what people really want and let’s have that General Election – before any deal is signed off.

October 12, 2019

Should companies be allowed to fail?

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Companies will be born flourish and die like everything else in the space-time continuum. They will last longer if they adapt, but in the end a better model will come along and go through the same process. Don’t put your eggs in one basket, and keep several irons in the fire. A civilised Society will ensure that the poor, sick, elderly and disabled are protected through these processes if the need arises.

October 10, 2019

The elephant in the global room – dealing with the rising levels of population on the planet

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Climate change is a major issue and I support all those working in various ways to mitigate its effects on our planet. But claims must have a scientific basis and not be blown out of proportion. Land abuse, sea exploitation, loss of biodiversity and species extinction are immediate threats to our planet and these should receive a much higher profile. Dealing with these should be a focus for governments, alongside planning to alleviate the affects of increased greenhouse gases and higher sea levels – and the number one issue, the elephant in the global room, must be reducing the impact of rising human population growth.

October 7, 2019

What can each of us do to fight Climate Change?

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There was a guy on the radio suggesting that there were four things each of us could do to help the environment and minimise the impact of Climate Change.

1. Have less children ….OK

2. Drive less…..OK

3. Fly less ….OK

4. Eat less meat and dairy….that’s the one that gets me. I can and do eat less meat, but dairy? I love butter, milk, yoghurts and especially cheese! And I live on a beautiful dairy farm, one of the few that is totally organic and run on environmental lines. The guy on the radio said that most farming was industrial, and that all farming should be on a small environmental scale, organic. So OK with that. Everything has to be in balance, and there are many challenges ahead. Is it OK to have a chocolate croissant for breaky? Too late it’s down the hatch!

October 6, 2019

Old Sam sleeps more and more but still, like me, enjoys his life

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I look with love, and smile, at my dear old friend Sammy sleeping peacefully. As we age we sleep more and more until the time comes when we move on, and pass over to that other world where this space time ceases and other dimensions of existence rule.

He has arthritis, a degree of incontinence and less energy. But like me, his mind is as sharp as ever, and his puppy playfulness comes out from time to time. His hearing and sight are not so good, and he likes to stay near and safe.

I hope when I am old and sleeping more and more, that there will be someone there to smile at me, and care about my extra needs, before I too make that last journey. But now, today, both Sam and me enjoy the fun of life and the sun on our old backs, and neither of us plan to set off soon – but that decision lies only with the Gods of Destiny.

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