September 26, 2019

A divisive PM, a polarised Parliament – we now need MPs to pull together, somehow…..

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:22 am by Aleksan

Last night I watched our Parliament on TV. Johnson was bullish, unrepentant, constantly using divisive language, and taunting the the opposition. He is clearly trying to divide and rule by alienating the people of this country from their Parliament, and maybe the Judiciary. This is a dangerous tactic, used by populist dictators throughout history. Many will be fired up by his rhetoric, especially Brexit supporters who want a ”quick fix” and believe that they “won” the Referendum vote. Others will despair at this attempt to polarise our country in the interests of pushing through Brexit. I was heartened that many in Parliament do not buy into this divisive strategy, and noted that my own MP, Caroline Nokes, now an Independent, made a conciliatory speech encouraging a cross party approach. We need more like Caroline to build bridges, mend relationships and create a unified and peaceful country.

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