September 3, 2019

Johnson is adopting unhelpful tactics….we need to Leave with a well thought out deal

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:23 pm by Aleksan

I was brought up to understand that “the end does not justify the means”. In other words how ever important the outcome, it is never OK to use corrupt methods to achieve it. So when I see the PM bullying and lying consistently to achieve the Brexit he wants at all costs, I am disheartened. He seems to have got himself dug in to achieve Brexit before October 31st even if this means no deal. We are going to leave the EU, I am sure of that, and that’s what most people voted for, although I did not. But let’s do it properly, taking more time if needed, and ending on friendly terms with our neighbours across the water. Johnson has neither the wits or the vision to see this, and I hope that more intelligent and cross Party views prevail.

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