September 30, 2019

Solid Penny….

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I lent on the little table and it crashed apart scattering stuff on the floor….I mansplain to Penny “everything around me must be solid these days” Quick as a flash Penny mutters, just loud enough for me to hear “Yes, including me… “

Real Fast Food

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“Would you like some blackberries and apple for pud?” Penny gets up from the lunch table, goes out for a few minutes, picks some wild blackberries from the brambles and some Russet apples from the tree – no packaging, no fuel, no middle men – just pure magic!

September 27, 2019

Men need their own space….

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We live in an era of female emancipation and that is great. But sometimes a man needs to retreat to his bear cave and be on his own. Sometimes a man needs male company and time away from womenfolk. It does not usually last long, but it has to happen to preserve masculine sanity. Such a time is now. I have escaped to my Den for time alone. I have not had the unique company of my fellow men for a while and I yearn for a chance to just let go, have a laugh, and yes exchange unprintable male banter and perhaps to share a friendly drink without being pressured by women. If this is offensive all I can say, with vehemence, is “up yours….”

September 26, 2019

A divisive PM, a polarised Parliament – we now need MPs to pull together, somehow…..

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Last night I watched our Parliament on TV. Johnson was bullish, unrepentant, constantly using divisive language, and taunting the the opposition. He is clearly trying to divide and rule by alienating the people of this country from their Parliament, and maybe the Judiciary. This is a dangerous tactic, used by populist dictators throughout history. Many will be fired up by his rhetoric, especially Brexit supporters who want a ”quick fix” and believe that they “won” the Referendum vote. Others will despair at this attempt to polarise our country in the interests of pushing through Brexit. I was heartened that many in Parliament do not buy into this divisive strategy, and noted that my own MP, Caroline Nokes, now an Independent, made a conciliatory speech encouraging a cross party approach. We need more like Caroline to build bridges, mend relationships and create a unified and peaceful country.

September 24, 2019

Johnson acted unlawfully and should resign with his colluding Cabinet

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I was angry when Johnson claimed that he was suspending Parliament for five weeks to prepare for the Queen’s speech. It was a clear lie, and most of us could see that he did it to stop Parliament holding him to account. He lied to us, to MPs and to the Queen, and he has lied before. I was not surprised, but pleased that the Supreme Court did their job, and unanimously concluded that Johnson had acted unlawfully. Johnson and his colluding Cabinet must resign – they no longer have any credibility.

September 22, 2019

Climate a Change fake papers – check sources!

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I have just come across a Climate Change denial article put out by an innocuous sounding publication called Climate Change Dispatch. This is an American, ultra right wing, libertarian publication – it is dedicated to promoting climate change denial, pro-smoking and does not accept the scientific consensus. In short a fake article with no scientific substance behind it. Worse than useless because it pedals misinformation and distrust of properly researched papers. I am all for open debate, but be careful what you read and check sources!

September 17, 2019

The Politics of Hysteria

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I had hopes that the Lib Dems might provide a balanced approach to politics – not so. There is an increasing dramatic and divisive note coming through, more populist, more polarising. And now their leader comes out and says “Brexit is like burning your own house down”….

Maybe we really are living in an age of mass hysteria and the weaponising of identity, a book they are talking about on the radio just now, by Douglas Murray.

I am coming out as old, white and public school educated – I wish to be referred to as OWPS and as gender god knows what – be careful how you address me 🐷

September 3, 2019

The Emergency Debate – primitive politics?

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Watching the Emergency EU Withdrawal Debate on TV this evening. They each believe they are right, they alone have God on their side, truth, morality , common sense. He who does not agree with me is against me, winner take all. Sometimes British Politics feels very primitive indeed. Is this a model for the 21st Century, or do we need more cross party consensus, trust, respect for those with different views? One day, perhaps, pigs will fly…

Johnson is adopting unhelpful tactics….we need to Leave with a well thought out deal

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I was brought up to understand that “the end does not justify the means”. In other words how ever important the outcome, it is never OK to use corrupt methods to achieve it. So when I see the PM bullying and lying consistently to achieve the Brexit he wants at all costs, I am disheartened. He seems to have got himself dug in to achieve Brexit before October 31st even if this means no deal. We are going to leave the EU, I am sure of that, and that’s what most people voted for, although I did not. But let’s do it properly, taking more time if needed, and ending on friendly terms with our neighbours across the water. Johnson has neither the wits or the vision to see this, and I hope that more intelligent and cross Party views prevail.

Divide and Rule?

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It sometimes seems that the Brexit polarisation is a divide and rule tactic designed to deflect from the real issues of today – climate change, pollution, land abuse, overpopulation and overconsumption. To continue an economic model aimed at promoting more and more growth worldwide is for politicians to bury their heads in the sand. Whether we are in Europe or not is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The Roman Emperors kept their subjects happy with bread and games – maybe media drama and football are the modern equivalent….