August 8, 2019

The Elephant in the Room – Overpopulation

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:46 am by Aleksan

Knife crime in the UK is increasing. Gun crime in the US is going up fast. China and India are adopting a Western lifestyle, eating more meat. The population in Africa is growing, with a return of infectious diseases and some of these, like Malaria, are developing resistance to medicine. The climate is changing, with water shortages in hot countries. War still breaks out, creating famine and disease. Food resources are pressured, the land exploited, less biodiversity and mass extinctions. The seas are overfished, insects are poisoned.

There is one common factor behind all this which people don’t talk about – the awful truth. There are just too many people on this small planet, suppressing other species and laying waste to land and sea. Too many human beings. I don’t know how this can be managed in a tribal world, where greed and exploitation are the norm, the driving force behind what is misnamed “Civilisation”. Politicians talk about salvation through Technology. I am sceptical. I think there is mass denial about overpopulation. How this is addressed appropriately I don’t know. But surely it should be thought about?

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