August 22, 2019

Trump to buy U.K. and give Johnson major role as Goofy

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The word from political sources has it that Johnson will get a better price from Trump for the U.K. with a no-deal Brexit. In return Britain will get an unlimited supply of chlorinated chicken and beef, raised without British Animal Welfare or Environmental Protection laws. The USA does not have Animal Welfare or Environmental Protection laws, but when U.K. agriculture has collapsed, it apparently hopes to set up Old England, Ancient Wales, and Bonnie Scotland Theme Parks on its new land, previously working farms, for the entertainment of the US unemployed Blue colour red neck former workers. The Disney Corporation is to employ bankrupt British farmers as Micky Mouse characters in the Theme Parks, and has promised Johnson a major role as Goofy.

August 19, 2019

Making the Gods laugh…

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Is “Crisis” the right word for a state of affairs that has lasted three years? A crisis is the turning point – at the crisis point the patient or situation will either improve or get worse, recover or die.

Is Britain budding off from Europe in a positive way, growth and maturation, or is she being cut off with a blunt axe? Is this a crisis, a choice, fate, destiny, progress or a disaster? All I know is that if we want to make the Gods laugh, we just tell them our plans…

August 9, 2019

Are we drifting into a totalitarian World?

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In the next few years drastic changes will be needed to reverse over population, climate change and loss of habitat on land and sea. Will people choose to eat lees meat, drive electric vehicles and cease to use air travel for recreational purposes? Will farmers prioritise soil health and carbon neutral practices? Will big business decide to cease using fossil fuels and plastic products? Can politicians, relying on votes, actually deliver Green policies, eliminate pollution, promote biodiversity and modify how the land and sea are exploited?

I don’t know if it is actually possible – people cling to what they are used to and resist uncomfortable change – and politicians have to go along with the lowest common denominator – or they will lose votes and not get elected. One thing seems sure to me – if democracy cannot deliver then change will not occur, and things will get worse. There will be an authoritarian response, maybe a military one, and we will lose our choices – and be made to obey the dictates of unelected Powers who will insist that they know what is best for us. Can we make sure this does not happen? Or will we drift into totalitarian world rule, or worse – devastating Wars?

August 8, 2019

The Elephant in the Room – Overpopulation

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Knife crime in the UK is increasing. Gun crime in the US is going up fast. China and India are adopting a Western lifestyle, eating more meat. The population in Africa is growing, with a return of infectious diseases and some of these, like Malaria, are developing resistance to medicine. The climate is changing, with water shortages in hot countries. War still breaks out, creating famine and disease. Food resources are pressured, the land exploited, less biodiversity and mass extinctions. The seas are overfished, insects are poisoned.

There is one common factor behind all this which people don’t talk about – the awful truth. There are just too many people on this small planet, suppressing other species and laying waste to land and sea. Too many human beings. I don’t know how this can be managed in a tribal world, where greed and exploitation are the norm, the driving force behind what is misnamed “Civilisation”. Politicians talk about salvation through Technology. I am sceptical. I think there is mass denial about overpopulation. How this is addressed appropriately I don’t know. But surely it should be thought about?

August 1, 2019

Lammas Day

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It’s quiet here on Lammas Day, in a garden of flowers and seed heads, as The Wheel of the Year takes another turn. Penny quietly reading indoors, while Sam and I enjoy the morning Sun. The Songbirds sing, the Doves coo and there is a gentle breeze, rustling the leaves. Voices of children on their Summer Holiday echo in the trees above as they pass by on the lane nearby. Four horses in the meadow take their ease, and there is Groundsel again in wild places – the same Groundsel that always reminds me of my own Summer Holidays when we were freed from the strict regime of boarding school – home again with family and dogs…