July 30, 2019

Who do I think I am?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:15 am by Aleksan

I was named Alexander at birth, called Sandy at home and Alex at my first school. I was then Burnfield at my other schools, often Burney. As a medical student I was Mr Burnfield, and then I became Dr Burnfield. My identity has included, Psychiatrist, Shrink, Trustee, and I am Gillbride as a Druid. My working farmer brother calls me a Gentleman Farmer, and I am a horse Rider. My wife and family call me Sandy, Mum sometimes used to call me Sanders, and my kids call me Dad. I am also Grandad or Gramps, and Uncle. I was number 13 at Marsh Court School and 5850 at King’s College, Taunton. A Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a retired Pensioner. I have had many names and identities in Space Time. But I am just me, a Being with many names and Identities, a fabric of many existences. I call myself a Poet, because I have a Third Eye – that sees the Power and Wisdom, the Magic, of the Trans-rational.

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