July 24, 2019

Johnson, the new PM….

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:08 pm by Aleksan

Well Mr Johnson is our new PM, something he always wanted. It seems strange that our democratic system works the way it does, and the system certainly needs looking at.

For the time being let us hope that Mr Johnson can deliver some beneficial changes in our Union of Countries despite the antagonism from so many. I shall be watching how he deals with improving psychological services for children and families, social care for the elderly and a failing prison service as well as a depleted defence services. In some ways he is a figurehead, like Trump, who will be managed and restrained by his team.

I have never felt that my own political opinions have meant much in the great scheme of things, but it’s not a lot of good sighing, clicking memes, signing endless petitions, or saying that you want to leave the country! If you want the system to change join a party or pressure group and make a nuisance of yourself – be active, and put in some research, so you know what is fake and what is real, and be prepared to work hard for what you believe.

In the 80s I stood locally for the Alliance Party against a previously unopposed Tory. I was amazed how many voted for me, but was at the time relieved I did not get elected since I had a regular job – but it did show that many agreed with me, and it was a lot of fun campaigning, and developing solidarity.

I am a member of the Green Party now, but not able enough to be as active as I used to be. So come on you younger ones, if you want change you have to fight for it, not just despair and act like victims!

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