July 12, 2019

Going through my cycles, and letting go….

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:55 am by Aleksan

Going through my cycles – Birth, Childhood, Grown Man and now Old Man. It has been a journey alright, with ups and downs, success and failure, health and illness. I have met many other existences on the path, and we have shared space and time together, briefly or for a long while. I am conscious of the thousands of ancestors behind me and of those who will follow on to their own Destinies.

Looking at old photos I recognise myself as I was then but not as I am now. I see a different body and set of experiences. That young cocky chap was me, but not me. I have had much to learn, often the hard way. But through these cycles my Soul has grown a little. Life has been a classroom, and I am still learning lessons. I am hopefully a less cocky chap now, more inclined to listen to others and learn from them. I care less about the things I can not control, and I now live more in the moment, celebrating the short life I have been given.

There is suffering, unfairness and hate all around me, and instead of getting involved in this I am more inclined to see it as a challenge to love and creativity. Being older with less energy, it is my turn to step back and support younger more able folk to take up the challenge – to work with the Gods of Nature and all existences to spread love, light and wisdom and to change what needs to change to make a better world.

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