July 10, 2019

Terstana, River Goddess

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:35 am by Aleksan

She flows fast, she aims sure

She flows clear, waving green weeds

She grows fish, carries swans

Her body is lithe, always moving

Her voice is laughing, and her face bright

She has seen all, known all

Endured storms and heat

Endured seasons and seen Moons

Delighted in the Sun

Known many Deaths

She is surrounded by flowers and herbs

Terstana, river of change

But always the same

My Goddess of Light, Peace and Spirit

For a fleeting moment, we are entwined

Lovers in the apparent world

Soul mates beyond time and space

My Terstana, and your Terstana

A living Goddess gloried and worshipped by all existences

Guide and Mother, Blessings beyond knowing

I worship you.

Gillbride /|\

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