July 12, 2019

Going through my cycles, and letting go….

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Going through my cycles – Birth, Childhood, Grown Man and now Old Man. It has been a journey alright, with ups and downs, success and failure, health and illness. I have met many other existences on the path, and we have shared space and time together, briefly or for a long while. I am conscious of the thousands of ancestors behind me and of those who will follow on to their own Destinies.

Looking at old photos I recognise myself as I was then but not as I am now. I see a different body and set of experiences. That young cocky chap was me, but not me. I have had much to learn, often the hard way. But through these cycles my Soul has grown a little. Life has been a classroom, and I am still learning lessons. I am hopefully a less cocky chap now, more inclined to listen to others and learn from them. I care less about the things I can not control, and I now live more in the moment, celebrating the short life I have been given.

There is suffering, unfairness and hate all around me, and instead of getting involved in this I am more inclined to see it as a challenge to love and creativity. Being older with less energy, it is my turn to step back and support younger more able folk to take up the challenge – to work with the Gods of Nature and all existences to spread love, light and wisdom and to change what needs to change to make a better world.

July 10, 2019

Terstana, River Goddess

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She flows fast, she aims sure

She flows clear, waving green weeds

She grows fish, carries swans

Her body is lithe, always moving

Her voice is laughing, and her face bright

She has seen all, known all

Endured storms and heat

Endured seasons and seen Moons

Delighted in the Sun

Known many Deaths

She is surrounded by flowers and herbs

Terstana, river of change

But always the same

My Goddess of Light, Peace and Spirit

For a fleeting moment, we are entwined

Lovers in the apparent world

Soul mates beyond time and space

My Terstana, and your Terstana

A living Goddess gloried and worshipped by all existences

Guide and Mother, Blessings beyond knowing

I worship you.

Gillbride /|\

July 9, 2019

Suck it up buttercup Trump

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The whole point of an Ambassador is to send honest and accurate information back to his or her country. Sir Kim Darroch has done his job well. Who ever has leaked his communication has broken the Law and should be prosecuted. These private messages are confidential for reasons of diplomacy. Trump does not like to be criticised like a spoilt child, so what? Suck it up up buttercup, if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen.

July 3, 2019

The Horse or the Cow?

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Here is my sister Jane chasing the cattle past Terstan Garden this morning. Our family have been farmers and herders probably for thousands of years. It is widely thought that our R1a YDNA ancestors changed the world when they domesticated the Horse in the Eurasian Steppes – but recent research shows that it was through the domestication of the Cow, not the Horse that our ancestors changed the world.

The Soul has no gender, no age….

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Hinduism teaches that the Atma, the Soul, is neither male nor female, old or young. I would extend this to claim that the Soul has no political or racial colour. The body, the ego and the mind are different – these temporary houses for the Soul wear the clothes of gender, age, personality and political or racial colour. This is a sort of paradox that we need to understand and go beyond.

Just the usual procession of thoughts through my mind – in these days of polarisation and demonisation it helps to see the essential connection of all existences beyond the illusion of the space time absolute.