June 6, 2019

The Lone Piper….

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:57 am by Aleksan

I spent D day in my mother’s womb unaware of the drama and sacrifice of life taking place to free Europe and save Britain. My grandfather, who served in the Black Watch as a Vet in World War One told my father before he died, later at home, that he “saw the wee Sergeant piping in the mist”. And later my father, a farmer and member of the Home Guard in World War Two told me, not long before he died, that he also saw and heard that lone piper coming nearer through the mist. The icon of the Lone Piper is very powerful, and indeed I shall know that my own time to move on has come when I hear his soulful music. So many young lives were taken at D day and it is sad to remember that loss – let us hope it never has to happen again, and that countries and people with different interests will find a kinder and more peaceful way to resolve conflict, for the sake of all those young lives yet to come…

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  1. terioma kasih atas beritanya kak, sangat membantu untuk lebih berkembang lagi.

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