June 6, 2019

It is hard for Mr Badger at Midsummer….

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:52 pm by Aleksan

On these short nights and long days it is easy to forget Mr Badger, and I guess in these enlightened times, Mrs, Miss and Ms Badger too. The Badgers like to come out at night, when they often have the place largely to themselves. Recently I have heard their strange noises outside, sometimes quite spooky. Usually it’s a gruff cough or a growl. But sometimes it’s a whistling noise, or a scream fit only for the Brides of Count Dracula himself…(hope that’s not a sexist comment, but if it is I shall hear from the Thought Police, no doubt). Short nights for Badgers must be like long nights at midwinter for us, but perhaps they have parties – yes they do, but mostly around Halloween when they get drunk on fermented apples – now those screams and growls are really scary! Sleep well folks, and have another fun night Badgers….

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