May 15, 2019

First Hornet of the Year

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:32 pm by Aleksan

Sam looks at me and I look at him – a deep harmonious buzz somewhere near – we both know it’s a Hornet…and I find it in a nearby window having flown through the open door from the garden. My spirits lift, but I am on guard – they are good at destroying garden pests, but have a hefty sting. They don’t worry around you like their smaller cousins, Wasps, but they do fly in the late evenings and at night. They like to eat Wasp larvae and keep the Wasp population down. So I have mixed feelings – welcome Mr Hornet, do your stuff, and I shall have to be careful not to come across you unexpectedly and make sure the lights are off when the windows are open on a warm night. Just wondering how to release him, when he flies off back through the open door. I wonder where they are nesting this year?

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