May 5, 2019

Bubbles, can they meet or will they burst?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:25 am by Aleksan

Politicians keep saying that the “people” left a clear message in the local elections “to get on and sort Brexit – leave the EU”. I might be in a bubble but it is a very big bubble, because this message seems contrary to many of us. Our bubble expanded in the local elections where the remain voters – Lib Dem and Greens – gained considerably while Conservatives and Labour- working together to deliver Brexit – lost massively. I guess the ultra Brexiteers stayed at home? The biggest percentage of votes still went to the Torys and Labour, but the trend is for the smaller remainer groups. There now seems to be even more division, more polarity – this must surely mean a greater need for compromise and consensus – but is that possible, or will the bubbles burst?

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  1. Couples can choose their matrimonial regimes.

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