April 17, 2019

Corbyn is wrong about Exams – Children need them to develop and learn to manage stress

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:22 am by Aleksan

From the age of seven I took part in annual Exams at my school. We were given formal papers on each subject devised by the Masters and during the Exam we sat in rows in strict silence. This was an accepted part of school life and there was an expectation that we should do as well as possible in our own interests.

It was exciting and stressful, but part of our education. We all took part, and learned self discipline, revision skills and how to manage our feelings and thoughts. Like the others I did better in some subjects, like English and Languages but not so well in others. My father sent me mottos and encouragement,and took an interest in my progress or otherwise.

Looking back nearly 70 years those exams helped me in future life, not just academically but in social skills too, and certainly taught me how to manage pressure, or what is now called stress. Stress is always going to be part of life – we can learn to be its master, or let it master us.

It’s a bit like making love to an elephant – great when you are on top, but not so good when you are underneath! Let’s keep exams for kids at all school levels – Corbyn and the left wing Teaching Unions that have him by the balls – are wrong!

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