April 7, 2019

Canine Wisdom…

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:34 pm by Aleksan

There is so much unhappiness, resentment and spitefulness in the human tribe, that it can get you down. Then I look at my dog and am thankful for his total trust, loyalty, kindness and love of life. He seems a happy boy and has few and simple needs – something to eat, somewhere to sleep, the occasional walk, and regular fuss and fun from his human family now and again. He has no regrets, or anxieties – he naturally lives in the present without effort and assumes that all will be well – we humans have to work to reach this simple state of being, and it does not come easily. Perhaps the Gods have provided dogs as teachers and guides – but we have first to love and respect them before we can benefit from their natural wisdom….

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  1. Reda said,

    We found your broadcast and is useful for all.Thanks

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