April 30, 2019

The perils of horse riding at 75

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You never know when your ride on a horse will be the last one. I got back on Chockles yesterday after initially falling badly on an attempt to mount. I was encouraged to try again, and with much help from Sarah managed, and we did some fun exercises in the Yard. But today, I am aching, shaking and can’t walk without an elbow to hang on to. I shall be 75 in December, and falls have much more impact than they did a few years back. My riding days are not yet over, but I shall have to be much more careful now….

April 17, 2019

Corbyn is wrong about Exams – Children need them to develop and learn to manage stress

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From the age of seven I took part in annual Exams at my school. We were given formal papers on each subject devised by the Masters and during the Exam we sat in rows in strict silence. This was an accepted part of school life and there was an expectation that we should do as well as possible in our own interests.

It was exciting and stressful, but part of our education. We all took part, and learned self discipline, revision skills and how to manage our feelings and thoughts. Like the others I did better in some subjects, like English and Languages but not so well in others. My father sent me mottos and encouragement,and took an interest in my progress or otherwise.

Looking back nearly 70 years those exams helped me in future life, not just academically but in social skills too, and certainly taught me how to manage pressure, or what is now called stress. Stress is always going to be part of life – we can learn to be its master, or let it master us.

It’s a bit like making love to an elephant – great when you are on top, but not so good when you are underneath! Let’s keep exams for kids at all school levels – Corbyn and the left wing Teaching Unions that have him by the balls – are wrong!

April 14, 2019

Short Rituals to mark the Quarters of Day and Night

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Short Rituals to mark the Quarters of Day and Night

Before retiring to bed I thank the Powers of the West for the evening Blessings of Healing, Relaxation, and Peace I close the Western Gate. I call upon the Powers of the North, the Element of Earth and the Great Bear in the Stary Heavens to give me rest and protection during the night. I open the Gate to the North.

On rising I thank the Powers of the North for their nocturnal Blessings and close the Northern Gate. I call upon the Powers of the East, the Element of Air and the Hawk of Dawn soaring in the clear skies to awaken and freshen me, and give me clarity and vision in my morning tasks. I open the Gate to the East.

At noon I thank the Powers of the East for their morning Blessings, and close the Eastern Gate. I call upon the Powers of the South, the Element of Fire, and the Great Stag in the heat of the Chase to give me strength and energy during the afternoon. I open the Gate to the South.

As evening begins I thank the South for the Blessings of Energy and close the Southern Gate. I turn to the West and call upon its Powers, the Element of Water and the Salmon of Wisdom in the Sacred Pool to give tranquillity and healing through the evening hours. I open the Gate to the West.

Gillbride /|\

April 7, 2019

Canine Wisdom…

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There is so much unhappiness, resentment and spitefulness in the human tribe, that it can get you down. Then I look at my dog and am thankful for his total trust, loyalty, kindness and love of life. He seems a happy boy and has few and simple needs – something to eat, somewhere to sleep, the occasional walk, and regular fuss and fun from his human family now and again. He has no regrets, or anxieties – he naturally lives in the present without effort and assumes that all will be well – we humans have to work to reach this simple state of being, and it does not come easily. Perhaps the Gods have provided dogs as teachers and guides – but we have first to love and respect them before we can benefit from their natural wisdom….

April 3, 2019

About time – let’s have a Brexit compromise….

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With half the voters wanting out and half wanting in, Brexit was always going to have to be a compromise. May put her party before the country for nearly three years, but democracy has won the day, and at last she is working with the opposition. We will end up with what is sensible given the circumstances – a soft Brexit, retaining our political independence but with strong economic links to the EU. It has taken far too long to get here, with much time and money wasted. The main political Parties, rightly, will pay the price when the Elections come – bring them on! I will be voting Green if nothing better comes up….