March 31, 2019

Tuning into Dragons – A Personal Vision

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A whoosh of wings, a sudden feeling of warm air on my face and there she was – a Blue Dragon, quite large with fluorescent turquoise scales and enormous eyes turned to look at me, expectantly. As I peered into the sea blue waters of her nearest eye I saw green gems deep inside, glittering like the mica in the sands of Iona under translucent waters. I felt for a moment lost in her gaze, and then I saw myself reflected, and knew that it was time for me to speak, and explain why I had asked for Dragon aid.

I mumbled out some details about an incident that had upset me, I had been fiercely criticised by a friend, and I was in a dilemma about how to respond – the anxiety and anger had also prevented me sleeping. Finding no answers in myself I had decided to consult a Dragon, and I hoped for some practical advice. She spoke – a loud musical voice, but few words “Nothing is personal – it’s just a game”. This immediately connected with my inner spirit, knowing it to be an ancient truth. I had helped so many of my patients to understand that another person’s behaviour towards them might sometimes be more about their relationship to themselves, than about the person “attacked”. It needed Dragon Wisdom to remind me, and I was set free – we both laughed, before I thanked her, she left as suddenly as she had arrived.

For me Dragons are felt through my visual, auditory and sensory imagination – they are a presence in my consciousness, perhaps living in the Otherworld of existences beyond the space time limitations of this Apparent World. I cannot remember when I first became aware of them, but they have become much closer and easier to know since I have been studying and practising Druidry in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). Long ago I experienced a connection and awareness of the Faerie Realm – before the Dragons came on the scene.

The Faerie Realm

Dragons and Faeries are very different entities – Dragons are strong, decisive and direct, sometimes inclined to humour and riddles, while Faeries are sensitive, shy and indirect in their approach – but both respond well to honesty and courtesy – old world virtues indeed. I work with Dragons in a direct intentional way and like their “take it or leave it” style. But Faeries are not like that. My encounters with the Faerie folk have been unintentional on my part, but I suspect not so on theirs. My first sighting was as a child, when I came across a Pixie sitting high up on a tank down a dark tunnel at my boarding school, when I was about 8 years old. He did not seem surprised to see me and looked at me with a quiet gaze – but I ran very fast back to Art Mistress, Miss Thompson, a dark haired Scot who always wore a Black Watch dress – she listened carefully as I panted out my discovery, and somehow she reassured me – that it was all OK. I have had glimpses of the Faerie folk on several occasions over the subsequent years, and sometimes hear their music or singing in the meadows. I have once seen them dancing on a little hillock that I call the Faerie Castle. I love these Folk but have never sought direct contact. But now I have been given a little “Tinker Bell” (found on the Downs near my home) that might change…

Working with Dragons

Dragons have never appeared to me other than through imagery, where their presence is alive, energy filled and allows for no other sensation, idea, or presence.

I find that I can invoke a Dragon easily, and sometimes several Dragons. Sometimes I make a direct approach after knocking or stamping three times and calling for them. On other occasions I will use a full Druid Ritual format, and invoke the Dragons when calling for the Powers of the Four Directions.

“I call upon the Powers of the East and the Hawk of Dawn soaring in the morning sky, the Element of Air, and the clear sighted Yellow Dragon – The Gate to the East is Open”

Then in the same Ritual manner corresponding to the Direction, I call the Red Dragon of Energy and Transformation through the Southern Gate, the Blue Dragon of Compassion and Healing through the West Gate, and fourthly the Green Dragon of Life, Stones, and Natural Wisdom through the Northern Gate.

I then will ask the Dragon for their Blessings of Divination, Energy, Healing or Practical Wisdom depending on the task in hand – for myself or for others. Usually one Dragon will take the central role depending upon the purpose of the Ritual. On these occasions I use an altar bearing fire in the form of a candle, incense, a bowl of water and semi-precious stones – coloured yellow, red, blue and green. There might also be feathers, crystals – or whatever seems helpful or relevant at the time.

More often than using a formal Ritual I will knock or stamp three times and then immediately call one of the Dragons, who appear in their bright colours, almost fluorescent, and to whom I will ask a question, a special Blessing or for help with a task, or for a friend. I always ask with respect, and am careful to thank the Dragon for their help in whatever form it has been offered, before knocking three times at the end of our session.

The Yellow Dragon’s Triad

I awoke feeling anxious and upset after a bad dream, a dream that I did not want to go back to. So I knocked for the Yellow Dragon of the East and asked him to do what he could. He gave me some advice, including this Triad:

“There are three things not to do. Firstly never do something just because you can do it. Secondly never do something just because someone else has done it. Thirdly never do something just because you have not yet done it”

  I did not see any connection to my dream, and had by this time forgotten it. The Triad made me laugh, I thanked the Dragon and knocked sleepily on the bed thrice, turned over, went to sleep – and had a pleasant dream before the morning came. The Yellow Dragon’s Triad delighted me and I found myself musing on its truth and relevance to my llife. I still do not know how it related to my bad dream, but the Yellow Dragon knew!

Before going to sleep I have some of my best interactions with Dragons, and it is then that they appear most vividly and when their voices are strongest – at that moment between the waking and dream states, when the veil is lifted, and the boundary between the Apparent World and Faerie Realm is blurred. The response is always immediate, the words loud but few – and I find the issue resolves, and then I can sleep, after a thanking the Lady or the Lord, whose gender I know intuitively, and after a final three knocks on my knuckles or on the bed. This form of communicating is informal, and I have received impartial advice and Wisdom that has changed not only my approach to situations but also to the focus, meaning and rhythm of life.

Dragon Mission

Recently I was woken by my wife, concerned about a message on Facebook from someone we know with alcohol abuse and other issues.  We have both helped him in a variety of ways

over the years, but he still occasionally goes into very negative, aggressive and manipulative phases after drinking –  and seems to gain something by alarming and distressing others. My intuition and professional experience told me that he was not going to take his life.  The Dragons confirmed this when I consulted them – and I requested the Yellow Dragon of the East to give him calm space and insight, the Red Dragon of the South to  transform his low self respect and depression. the Blue Dragon of the West to quench his anger and distressed feelings, and the Green Dragon of the North to ground him and sustain his connection to the natural realm.  When the Dragons went off to provide this Healing I was able to get some sleep! I hope this helped him as much s it helped me – and I was relieved to hear that he was back at work and feeling better the next day.

Naming a Dragon

The name of a Dragon is secret and we can never know it. However we can give a Dragon a name if we wish – but it will never be their true name, just a label useful to ourselves. The Dragons I work with are perfectly happy with Lady or Lord, ensuring the respect due to them, together with courtesy and honesty. Dragons are more like colleagues than friends, and the relationship is bounded in a way that makes their contributions focussed and more effective. On the other hand Dragons are not without a sense of fun and a joke, and especially a riddle when the moment is right. Dragons can be bad or frightening in stories and myths – but I have never found them scary or intimidating, let alone evil…however….

The Dragon’s roar

You can hear a Dragon roar in the waves of the sea, the crashing of a storm and in the flames of a heathland fire, in the waterfall, a powerful engine and even in the boiling water of a kitchen kettle. Change is a Dragon’s Delight – when the elements are engaging with each other, when the Dawn breaks driving away frost and when the volcano erupts. Other core movements that attract Dragons or that are created by them include physical changes in the body, birth and death, as well as psychological eruptions, and Spiritual transformations…Weddings and Funerals, Birthdays and Feast Days will all have the presence of Dragons in their midst.

Dragons have a Chameleon ability to change colour and shape, and to appear when least expected, not just in natural phenomena but in animals plants and people too. The Power of Dragons if unleashed can be living changing, but it would be best to remember the old adage “Be careful what you wish for” The power of Dragons is like all other power – it can be used for good, but there is always a danger from destructive or dangerous consequences if a Dragon is abused by an inexperienced or unaware person.

Balancing Energy

Every so often I wake up tired, mind clouded and stiff, feeling my age! I guess we all do sometimes – whether it’s a hangover, overdoing it, allergy or bugs – it’s being in a body. It happened to me recently after I had spent too much time outside in the Sun. But there is an upbeat side to this – I feel more connected psychically to Guides and Ancestors, more connected to Nature – more poetic, more creative.

On these days the veil between the Worlds is lifted, and being a little disconnected from my body empowers my Soul. After getting exhausted by too much Sun I learned a lesson – to keep out of the way of Lord Red Dragon for a while, and take protection from the presence of the Lady Green Dragon of the Earth. The energy of the Dragons is always in flux, and needs my full awareness.

Fun with Dragons

Have you ever heard Dragons laughing? In the Summer I decided on the spur of the moment, to give my Dragon friends a treat as they are so generous with their advice and wisdom – so I invited them to come and share my mug of tea in the garden – to say thank you. They came, large and small and all colours – and they laughed with joy, wonderful and varied magical laughter, some loud and deep but others laughing like tinkling bells! It was such a wonderful time that I remember it often with gratitude – no rituals, no candles, no stones – just me, a mug of tea, surrounded by laughing colourful Dragons!

The Power of Imagination – a way of coming through childhood

The oldest child, I was sent to Boarding School at the age of seven. From living in a happy farming family to being part of a mostly male only quasi military/monastic institution was a shock, to say the least. I was initially teased by the posh boys because of my country accent, and looked down on by the Masters as not being private school material. I did well at sport, but was bored in lessons, and distressed by the “better than others” attitude I found in some of the boys. I developed an already large imagination, and much of the time lived in a fantasy world where I travelled in space and looked out for Russian spies. An attempt at sexual abuse by the junior Latin Master led to further isolation. However I excelled in Latin – taught by the Headmaster – a strict Puritan with high expectations, inclined to be fierce and inflict corporal punishment, and like most of the other Masters, not long out of the Army – this was just after the after the War.

I read widely and consumed fiction of all sorts. Old Testament stories and Classical Myths fascinated me. The Head (Wacker) used to regard me as being lazy, under performing and living in a dream world. (He was right). When he saw me he would laugh and say “Behold the Dreamer cometh” a biblical reference to Joseph – actually an inspiring story, because Joseph eventually made good on a grand scale – and much to the surprise of my old school Masters I was later to do well at my profession as a Child Psychiatrist. Why a Psychiatrist working with children? I think you know why! I could identify with the nightmare of childhood, being abandoned, and knowing that you could not talk to adults who never believed you and were always right – and I never lost the ability to think and feel like a child.

Imagination provided me with a way of coping but also opened up other worlds, gave my power, and a basis for knowledge and wisdom. I became psychically aware, frequently experiencing telepathy, clairvoyant episodes, a connection to animals, and a consciousness of Spirit Guides. But I was usually at the bottom of the class at this first boarding school – when I left I saw a note for my new school – and remember the words well “He has far too much imagination for his own good”. I was very puzzled – how can anyone one have too much imagination!

Mental Health

A few years later, as a qualified medical doctor and a training Psychiatrist, I had a Jungian Analysis with a remarkable older colleague, Lotte, a refugee from Nazi Germany, Jewish, a Quaker and also responsible for counselling young Anglican couples before marriage. Lotte opened my mind further, to poetry, mysticism, Jungian concepts of male and female inner balance, dream understanding, the basic archetypes, and to the personal and collective unconscious – she validated my imagination and encouraged me to experiment and further develop it. She died suddenly before our work together had finished, but I know she would have understood and loved the Dragons! But I also learned that spending too much time in fantasy at the expense of the outer world can have its dangers – I would not recommend looking for Dragons if a person has mental health problems, especially a tenuous connection with reality caused by serious mental illness or a drug induced state of being.

Faerie Nature

Not only are we all of mixed blood physically, making a mockery of racism, but some are more clearly so than others, Humans carry the genes of ancient human forms – Neanderthals, Denisovans and perhaps others. My own small percentage of Neanderthal genes, according to recent research, impacts many of my physical, immunological and psychological functions, some useful in evolutionary terms and some that may cause problems – in my case a propensity for autoimmune responses – like asthma and a neurological condition.

We are all of mixed nature in another way – which to some will sound fanciful, while to others will make perfect sense – in different degrees we are part Faerie. I know that my own nature has much Faerie, and I also know others like me, and also many not in touch with their Faerie nature. Those of us who can see or hear Faeries and Elemental Spirits, or who can talk with Dragons, feel connected deeply to the world of nature, trees, stones, animals – but also to the trans- rational Faerie Realm of intuition, imagination, telepathy and magic. This enables us to see all existences as connected, not just in space-time but in a Realm very real, beyond space-time, beyond but beside the Apparent World – a multi dimensional dynamic Web.

I have come to spend increasing time in this world, not a fuzzy-wuzzy world at all, but a world of the senses being used to their full – our world, but not limited by separation and concrete logical thinking. Yes, I am part Faerie, and maybe you are too if you can connect with this deeper part of your nature. And I have also found that I can “be” Dragon and feel energies of a transforming nature, energies new and never before experienced. I think that this is going to be my next work with Dragons – “Being Dragon” – but it is only just beginning! Magic is making things happen, engaging all of our natural powers, physical and imaginative, to re-enchant and re-connect a divided world.


Lord Red Dragon of Fire and Light

I see you in the Sun and in volcanoes

in the vibrations of electrons

your energy gives me power

Lady Green Dragon of Earth and Nature

I sense you in the forest and on the mountain

in stones in plants and in the movement of animals

your life gives me being

Lord Yellow Dragon of Air and Heavens

I know you in the stars and in the flight of birds

in the vastness of space and in the clear sky

your clarity gives me understanding

Lady Blue Dragon of Water and Lakes

I feel you in the rivers and in the seas

in the swimming of fish and in the Moon sparkling waves

your healing makes me whole

Gillbride, Ovate in the Sylvan Grove

(Alexander Burnfield)

March 2019

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