March 23, 2019

Another referendum would be undemocratic – Parliament has let down the people – time for a general election?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:52 pm by Aleksan

Just been listening to Any Questions and Any Answers on the radio. What came out of this for me was that both main parties committed themselves to accepting the result of the Referendum, and later both main parties and their leaders voted to execute Article 50 and the process to withdraw from Europe. I voted to remain, but accept the Referendum result and trusted MPs to get on with it – leaving the EU.

However MPs have so far failed to do this. No matter how many people click the remain petition or go on marches we are, as a Sovereign Nation, committed to leaving the EU. Any other course would be a betrayal of the people by Parliament, and will further divide the U.K. if a deal can’t be finalised we will have to leave with no deal. Another Referendum would be nonsense and undemocratic, but we really, really need better leadership – bring on a general election!

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