March 23, 2019

Another referendum would be undemocratic – Parliament has let down the people – time for a general election?

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Just been listening to Any Questions and Any Answers on the radio. What came out of this for me was that both main parties committed themselves to accepting the result of the Referendum, and later both main parties and their leaders voted to execute Article 50 and the process to withdraw from Europe. I voted to remain, but accept the Referendum result and trusted MPs to get on with it – leaving the EU.

However MPs have so far failed to do this. No matter how many people click the remain petition or go on marches we are, as a Sovereign Nation, committed to leaving the EU. Any other course would be a betrayal of the people by Parliament, and will further divide the U.K. if a deal can’t be finalised we will have to leave with no deal. Another Referendum would be nonsense and undemocratic, but we really, really need better leadership – bring on a general election!

March 19, 2019

We can all now use renewable energy, but we don’t….

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March 16, 2019

More important than Brexit…..back the kids, “there is no Planet B”

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There is much angst and anger on both sides about Brexit or not. These temporary matters are unimportant in the great scheme of things – but impending Climate Change and Global Warming are important in the future of our small and overpopulated world. The kids have got it right, not the self motivated and ego bloated adults that make up our various national Governments – I back the kids who say clearly “There is no Planet B”. If you want to change things for the better, back the kids protesting about our grown up complacency and lack of care for their future.

CBT Oil – Panacea of all Ills!

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I heard this morning about a new Panacea of all ills – it cures all known diseases and many non yet discovered. It is CBT Oil (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Oil). No side effects and available on the Web, just smear it on your undercarriage and you will live for ever unhampered by illness, mortality – or common sense…

March 11, 2019

Lord Brain Demonstrates the Signs of Disseminated Sclerosis – The London Hospital, 1964

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The Bearsted Theatre, London Hospital Medical College, Whitechapel, 1964

Clinical Demonstration – Disseminated Sclerosis by Lord Brain

I was in the first year at Medical School at the London Hospital (now the Royal London Hospital) mostly focussed on pre-clinical Studies, Anatomy and Physiology, so this invitation was too good to miss. I waited impatiently high up on one side of the Theatre for the great man, formerly Sir Russell Brain the country’s top Neurologist, to appear. He was a London Hospital man through and through, author of the textbook Brain and someone to be proud of.

Lord Brain appeared dressed in Morning Suit, black jacket and grey pin stripped trousers – and bowed. We all clapped. He then proceeded to bring in his specimen patients, regulars brought in from different parts of England with classic clinical signs of DS (later called Multiple Sclerosis). He tapped knees, pricked with a needle and bent arms and legs, showing us hyper-rigidity, spasms, sensory loss patterns, and loss of balance and coordination. He was polite and considerate to the patients, male and female, and brilliant at elucidating neurological signs and explaining their causes.

Finally after about two hours he bowed deeply – we all rose and clapped – a brilliant performance by a great man – I felt privileged to have been there, but little did I know that within a few years I was to be diagnosed with DS myself – that is another story which I have told before, although my diagnosis has been modified in the last few years. Lord Brain was an inspiration, the Old School at its best, and I have never forgotten this great occasion, or the top man – Brain by name and Brain was his business. Do such events still occur at Medical Schools? No, not like this noble piece of History.

Dr Alexander Burnfield MBBS DPM FRCPsych

London Hospital Medical College 1963 – 68

Formerly House Surgeon to the Neurosurgical Unit, the London Hospital and now Retitred Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

March 6, 2019

An apology please, Mr American Ambassador Woody Johnson – for your lies on British Radio

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Despite the patronising remarks about backward Agriculture in the UK and EU by Woody Johnson, the American Ambassador, it now seems that he was to put it diplomatically “Ill advised”. Prof Erik Millstone from Sussex University, refuted the Ambassadors words, making it clear that not only does the USA have more food poisoning than the UK and the EU, but also more animal infections, more antibiotic use, worse animal welfare and lower food hygiene standards. Not only that, but washing chicken in chlorine water is ineffective. Looking forward to getting an apology from the Americans on this lie, an attempt to manipulate people in our country for purely financial gain.

March 4, 2019

The Hospital Vampire – a near miss….

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“Are you on Blood Dinners, love?” enquired the Hospital Vampire aka Phlebotomist, baring her canine teeth, and preparing to collect some blood before my next Out Patient appointment with the Knee Man. Blood dinners? My imagination blared Brides of Dracula. “Blood thinners?” She asked again – I told her no, and relaxed. Wow that was a near one…🔴

March 3, 2019

“Get off my Manor” – an avian dog fight….

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I love looking out of my bedroom window during storms! Most wildlife is keeping low today, as Storm Freya passes by, but just now a White Egret appeared by the river, mooching in the meadow. Soon a big flapping Grey Heron dived in from stage right, and buzzed the Egret – a little dance in the wind then ensued once the Egret flew off, pursued by the outraged Heron “Get off my Manor!” A dog fight of WW 1 proportions took place, before the Egret was seen travelling at about 100 mph with the South Westerly gales at its tail….