February 25, 2019

Spared the Winter….

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Sam and I have just been for a bimble in the meadow, warm in the Sun. We are no longer capable, either of us, of long walks. Sam ambles slowly, sniffing often, clearly like me, happy with his lot. I push my Rollator seat, and often sit on it. He could not make it to the other end, but I caught up with him on my way back. Poor old chap is not too good at seeing and hearing and his legs are stiff – I can relate to all that. Signs of climate change, the Willows are no longer growing tall, and are gradually giving way to very heathy Elders – I salute the Calliach, the old witch, who lives in the Elder thicket, and she gives me a knowing look – the look that old people give each other “Look after yourself, there are few of us left“ – but we have been spared the Winter…

February 19, 2019

Ode to the Dragons of the Four Directions

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Lord Red Dragon of Fire and Light

I see you in the Sun and in volcanoes

in the vibrations of electrons

your energy gives me power

Lady Green Dragon of Earth and Nature

I sense you in the forest and on the mountain

in stones in plants and in the movement of animals

your life gives me being

Lord Yellow Dragon of Air and Heavens

I know you in the stars and in the flight of birds

in the vastness of space and in the clear sky

your clarity gives me understanding

Lady Blue Dragon of Water and Lakes

I feel you in the rivers and in the seas

in the swimming of fish and in the Moon sparkling waves

your healing makes me whole

Gillbride (Alexander Burnfield) February 19th 2019

In the light of the Silvery Moon

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In the early hours of the morning I saw light from the full Moon shining on Hazel catkins, sparkling gold and silver – magically beautiful! I hold that vision now, still enchanted – a much needed perspective on yet another news crazy day – reality in the midst of illusion, an experience I share with ancestors, seen in times before history began.

February 17, 2019

King Arthur is dim, and his Knights all bonkers

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I am reading the Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights by John Steinbeck based on the manuscripts of Thomas Malory – it’s exciting stuff but somewhat disillusioning – King Arthur is not bright and really rather nasty, the Knights are all bonkers, Merlin a conflicted smartass and the women manipulative and unfaithful – still I am only a quarter of the way through and it could improve – however I doubt it as modern life seems to be a parallel universe, and observing the world at the moment, Malory and Steinbeck are not just telling stories but reflecting real life people and their quandaries…nothing has changed…..

February 10, 2019

Alexandros kai Penelope – by Paddy Killer (2007)

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Emma speaks truth to power and should be honoured

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I am so impressed by Emma Fairweather who speaks truth to power. After being injured in an accident caused by the Duke of Edinburgh, her criticism of the Duke has now resulted in him having to stop driving at 97, and made the public roads in this country safer. I hope the Royals will do the decent thing and Emma is honoured in the Queen’s Birthday List.