January 15, 2019

Mixed Race – Human and Faerie

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:16 pm by Aleksan

Not only are we all of mixed race genetically, some more clearly so than others, but most humans carry the genes of human forms not of a modern type of human – Neanderthals, Denisovans and perhaps others. My own small percentage of Neanderthal genes, according to recent research, impacts many of my physical, immunological and psychological functions, some useful in evolutionary terms and some that may cause problems – in my case a propensity for auto immune responses – like asthma and my neurological condition, maybe.

But we are also of mixed race in another way – which to some will sound fanciful, while to others will make perfect sense. To different degrees we are part Faerie. I know that my own nature has much Faerie, and I also know others like me, and many very much not Faerie, or not in touch with their Faerie nature.

Those of us who can see or hear Faeries and Elemental Spirits feel connected deeply to the world of Nature, trees, stones, animals – but also to the Faerie Realm of intuition, imagination, telepathy and magic. This enables us to see all things as connected and living, not just in space time but in a Realm very real but beyond space time.

I have come to spend increasing time in this world, not a fuzzy-wuzzy world at all, but a world of the senses being used to their full – our world, but not limited by separation and immediacy. Yes, I am part Faerie, and maybe you are too if you can connect with this deeper part of your nature.

Let us develop our Faerie selves to connect with other existences in this realm and other realms – to re-enchant our disconnected world, to fulfil our own destinies – which is in our different ways to help those we journey with to fulfil their own personal destiny – in the Great Mysterious and Magical Scheme of Connected and Loving Existences!

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