January 6, 2019

Mr Fox and the Meaning of Life

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:32 pm by Aleksan

Mr Fox on the prowl….moving along the river bank, sometimes pouncing, sometimes lying low. Watched by a wary swan, while other birds give the alarm. Also watched by Sarah, reporting his position to me. I was looking through binoculars, and I did see him a few times when he moved, but mostly not.

Sarah went off to check and he ran away. Foxes have become braver, less cautious and no longer concerned about humans. They appear openly and take what they want, often leaving a trail of destruction. All part of Tennyson’s ”Nature, red in tooth and claw” scenario.

Painting of Mr Fox and Sammy by Penny Taylor

Those birds and small mammals have a hard time of it. Foxes are why Penny and I no longer keep chickens. We woke up one morning to find strange white dots in the meadow – a Fox had killed, and abandoned the bodies of our lovely spotted Apinzella hens – a shock and loss we never, ever want to see again.

There is no Life without Death, and no Death without Life – same for all beings living on this cruel but wonderful planet. I nolonger ask Why? Because the meaning of Life is not to be found by asking questions, but by answering them – through the way we choose to live and respond to the world around us…

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