January 30, 2019

My Burnfield link to Gille Bride and Gille Dog

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Genetic studies show that my earliest sure paternal ancestor, directly down the paternal line is Gillbride, Thane of Argyll and father of Somerled, King of the Isles – progenitor of Clan Donald, Clan MacNeil, Clan McInnis, Clan Douglas and Clan MacAlister. He was of Norse origin, but his family is likely to have arrived in Scotland before the Viking invasions. Gillbride means “Servant of Saint Brighid” of Ireland.

Later on in time my paternal line are Gille Dog, “Servants of Saint Cadoc” of Wales. My family tree paper trail via the paternal line goes back to John Doig, born 1642, of Rattrray, Perthshire in Scotland – one of the the well documented family – “The Dogs of Mentieth.” The Doig name is derived from the earlier Gille Dog. Here is a piece from Wikipedia about St Cadoc:

“Saint Cadoc in Scotland

About 528, after his father’s death, Cadoc is said to have built a stone monastery in Scotland probably at Kilmadock, which was named for the saint, north-west of Stirling,[17] where the Annant Burn enters the River Teith about 2 miles upstream from Doune. Near the ruins of the old Kilmadock church and graveyard is Hermit’s Croft, thought to be where he lived for seven years. Seven local churches that were built in his name came under the authority of Inchmahome Priory. It is also said that Cadoc’s monastery was “below Mount Bannauc” (generally taken to be the hill southwest of Stirling down which the Bannockburn flows). It has been suggested that the monastery was where the town of St Ninians now stands, two kilometers south of Stirling. Scottish followers were known as “Gille Dog”, the servants of Cadog, which appears as a surname, first as Dog, and later as Doig, Dock, and Doak.”

Well we must have been a very religious lot! And I would have been Doctor Dog and Penny Mrs Dog if my Great Grandfather, David Doeg, had married my Great Grandmother Marjorie Burnfield, herself of Norman descent (De Burnvile).  But he couldn’t marry her because he was already married with several children – the Dirty Dog!

January 15, 2019

Mixed Race – Human and Faerie

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Not only are we all of mixed race genetically, some more clearly so than others, but most humans carry the genes of human forms not of a modern type of human – Neanderthals, Denisovans and perhaps others. My own small percentage of Neanderthal genes, according to recent research, impacts many of my physical, immunological and psychological functions, some useful in evolutionary terms and some that may cause problems – in my case a propensity for auto immune responses – like asthma and my neurological condition, maybe.

But we are also of mixed race in another way – which to some will sound fanciful, while to others will make perfect sense. To different degrees we are part Faerie. I know that my own nature has much Faerie, and I also know others like me, and many very much not Faerie, or not in touch with their Faerie nature.

Those of us who can see or hear Faeries and Elemental Spirits feel connected deeply to the world of Nature, trees, stones, animals – but also to the Faerie Realm of intuition, imagination, telepathy and magic. This enables us to see all things as connected and living, not just in space time but in a Realm very real but beyond space time.

I have come to spend increasing time in this world, not a fuzzy-wuzzy world at all, but a world of the senses being used to their full – our world, but not limited by separation and immediacy. Yes, I am part Faerie, and maybe you are too if you can connect with this deeper part of your nature.

Let us develop our Faerie selves to connect with other existences in this realm and other realms – to re-enchant our disconnected world, to fulfil our own destinies – which is in our different ways to help those we journey with to fulfil their own personal destiny – in the Great Mysterious and Magical Scheme of Connected and Loving Existences!

January 11, 2019

Andy Murray – human in the best sense

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Andy Murray will be giving up playing professional tennis this year. He is a great player, winning Grand Slams and Gold medals. It is sad when loss occurs, especially loss of health and former abilities, and it is good that he can cry and acknowledge this.

But after the loss he will have to adapt, change and recognise new and varied abilities he did not know he had. He will look back with gratitude at what he has achieved, and accept that some things are no longer for him. He will die to an old self and be born as a new one.

This is true for us all as we move from one age to an older age, and true when disability or tragedy hits us. I look forward to seeing a new Andy Murray rise again in a new role, perhaps in teaching, perhaps in the House of Lords. He is a good example of what it means to be human in the best sense, and we can all learn from his acceptance of change in his life, the need to adapt, show gratitude and move on.

January 6, 2019

Mr Fox and the Meaning of Life

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Mr Fox on the prowl….moving along the river bank, sometimes pouncing, sometimes lying low. Watched by a wary swan, while other birds give the alarm. Also watched by Sarah, reporting his position to me. I was looking through binoculars, and I did see him a few times when he moved, but mostly not.

Sarah went off to check and he ran away. Foxes have become braver, less cautious and no longer concerned about humans. They appear openly and take what they want, often leaving a trail of destruction. All part of Tennyson’s ”Nature, red in tooth and claw” scenario.

Painting of Mr Fox and Sammy by Penny Taylor

Those birds and small mammals have a hard time of it. Foxes are why Penny and I no longer keep chickens. We woke up one morning to find strange white dots in the meadow – a Fox had killed, and abandoned the bodies of our lovely spotted Apinzella hens – a shock and loss we never, ever want to see again.

There is no Life without Death, and no Death without Life – same for all beings living on this cruel but wonderful planet. I nolonger ask Why? Because the meaning of Life is not to be found by asking questions, but by answering them – through the way we choose to live and respond to the world around us…

January 1, 2019

Welcome 2019

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A warm sunny day – the first day of 2019 – The Sun will be setting in under four hours, and colder weather is forecast. Wishing all my friends a Good New Year, and a continuing fulfilment of your own personal Destiny.