December 19, 2018

Taking the plunge!

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:28 pm by Aleksan

One reason for staying in this Hotel was the Sauna and Swimming Pool – but I was a bit apprehensive since not swum for over a year and heat fatigues me. But I took the plunge – a few lengths back stroke and less successful bit of breast stroke. Then into the frothy Vitality Pool, warm and pleasant overlooking the froth on the beach outside. I nearly bumped into what turned out to be an attractive young woman in the Steam room, it was so misty – she was very understanding.

Got a sweat up and then into the Sauna – really hot, I took a lower perch. After that rubbed ice over my body and drank a pint of chilled water.

The whole experience was much better than I thought and I laughed like a fool in the Vitality pool to the amusement of the two ladies opposite. Well, this will either rejuvenate my old body and dodgy knee – or I shall be even more crippled tomorrow – when I plan to do it all over again!

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