December 15, 2018

Elite leaders must listen to the non privileged majority – or many will feel patronised and betrayed

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:12 pm by Aleksan

The ”Neo-Liberal Elite” leaders of Society in both UK and in the EU – MPs, Bankers, Business leaders, Academics and the like – are under siege once again from the ordinary folk who believe they are not understood, treated fairly, and listened to. These people are outside the London Metropolitan bubble in our country and in the equivalent bubbles within EU countries. Here they voted to Leave the EU, and in France they are the Yellow Vests.

They want a revolution, they want a share of the money and end of poverty and austerity, equal opportunities in education, health care and at work, and they are enraged by the blatant inequality they see, the rich getting richer and more distant from their stressed and oppressed lives. These people, the majority, don’t believe that the system works for them and feel patronised and insulted by the complacent, often self seeking ruling classes. Many voted to leave the EU in the Referendum in 2016, and they believed for a while that they had been heard.

But it is not what the elite want, not want most MPs want, and many ordinary non privileged people feel betrayed.

The equivalent leaders in the EU are scared that the workers and poor in their countries might want to leave the EU too and have made the Brexit process difficult. Another badly set out referendum or vote at this stage could be like waving a red rag in front of a bull, especially as many MPs here are suggesting the questions should be between the May deal or keeping the Status Quo. This would rightly be seen as undemocratic by the majority here who voted to leave, and would undermine confidence in our Government and Parliament.

Politicians now must be very careful, or the Yellow Vests who want a just and fair Society will rise up in the UK too. An answer might be to go back to the public and ask us all to choose from one of three options, not two loaded questions – 1. Accept the May Deal, or amended version 2. Stay in the EU 3. Leave the EU with no deal. If this does not happen there will be increasing polarisation in this country, civil unrest, and a sense of betrayal my large numbers of our citizens.

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