December 8, 2018

A Beautiful Day, but perhaps not for the Pheasants Doomed to be Killed

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:30 am by Aleksan

It Is a lovely day to be killed? The Sun shines and otherwise seemingly kind men and women are gathering to shoot the Pheasants that have been reared in the meadow for this purpose. Our garden and environs are relatively safe from this carnage and any Pheasants here are protected, but I cannot support the killing of life just for fun, and cannot see how it is good for the Soul’s of the killers or for the biodiversity of the environment.

I can understand the taking of life to give life as occurs in Nature, and I am not a vegetarian. It just seems strange that Beauty and Violence are so often associated. Certainly I could not take life this way myself, perhaps not in any way, but like most people I am spared facing the reality of food production by the cellphone wrappers of the Supermarket.

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