December 1, 2018

A Message from the Dragons

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It is best not to offend the Dragons – I did so and have to do penance. I have been asked to counter the false news that St George killed the Dragon. He did not, but the Dragon was badly wounded and has been recovering ever since in a far away cave, surrounded by family.

I was disrespectful to a Dragon and have suffered – but I am forgiven if I can let you all know what has happened to the Dragons and why they are seldom seen these days. The trouble began with the Abrahamic religions who adopted a belief that Men were a chosen species having Dominion over Woman and all other existences on Earth. This has led to exploitation of the Earth, its resources, its climate and above all a rapid extinction of all other existences loved by the Gods and Goddesses.

The Dragons will return when these Wrongs have been righted and Man comes to see himself as one of the many other existences in Nature, but not superior to them. Man must use his Heart, Body, Mind and Soul to achieve this goal. If this does not happen, the Dragons tell me, then they and the Gods and Goddesses can not save our world, but they will continue to serve us secretly, But only if their power and goodwill is acknowledged. If you do know a Dragon please respect them – they mean us well.

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