November 27, 2018

Rain on the roof and a childhood memory

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:22 pm by Aleksan

Rain is peppering the window and I am feeling safe and sleepy beside the warm radiator. A long time ago a Big Girl from the Village (most likely Audrey or Mavis) took me for a walk on a hill near our Farm. It was a long walk and I was little, and it began to rain very heavily. Mum’s helper, looking after me, found an old tin shed where we sheltered and listened to the rain.

There were little holes on the side where my dad and his friends in the Home Guard had been firing their guns for practice a few years before, when the War was on. I listened to the rain on the roof, sheltering from the wind, and squinted at the outside world through the bullet holes – I felt safe and good like I do now 70 years later. Audrey made contact a few years ago and we shared stories, but I never heard from Mavis? The tin shed disappeared many years ago….

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