November 22, 2018

Christmas 2018

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Sandy’s bit:

For me a much better year health wise apart from a gammy right knee – the consequence of walking with a stick for so many years and bad posture. Now retired, I am a Founding Trustee of the Fair Ways Foundation, a Charity for children, families and young people with social, educational and mental health challenges. We were third in the Sunday times list of best non-profit businesses and fifth in the year before- look us up on

I continue to ride our elderly grey mare Sonadora, and with Sarah Johns’s help she and the other five Paso Fino horses are thriving and being ridden regularly. Sammy had an operation this year and is now fully recovered, although like me rather slower and stiffer with time.

My Druid studies and practice continue and I love the fellowship of my forest friends, our rituals, the wisdom and compassion we share for all existences, the magic of re-enchanting the world and fulfilling our destinies. – Sandy

Penny’s bit:

We have had a busy year with Garden Openings. Unfortunately two of our National Garden Scheme Sundays had fewer than usual visitors – June conflicted with the World Cup, and our July opening turned out to be the one very wet day in an otherwise dry summer! We hope to do better next year and already have lots of bookings, including a coach trip from The Netherlands.

The photo shows us with of our great nephew Felix – son of Sandy’s niece Alice and her husband Craig.

I was delighted to show my artwork ‘Terra Incognita’ at the MAC gallery earlier this year, it’s the biggest piece I have ever made! The exhibition is travelling on to Sleaford, Lincs, and Scunthorpe next year – Penny

Our daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue to thrive, and we include a photo of our latest grandchild – Thea-Mae, aged one and a half

Terstan Garden Openings 2019 –  2 – 6 pm, Teas, Cakes, Plants, Music

April 21st – June 23rd – July 21st – September 8th

With love and best wishes for Christmas, and a Good New Year,7

Penny and Sandy xx


  1. Jane said,

    What an uplifting post, radiating love, gratitude and creativity .
    Happy Christmas Sandy, Penny and family 💚♥️🎄

  2. Aleksan said,

    Thanks Jane! Best wishes and Blessings for a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 1919 😀

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