November 19, 2018

Fear, ignorance and bullying on Social media – no political party or religion holds the moral high ground

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:43 am by Aleksan

So much complete balderdash is coming into my social network at an increasing rate! Ignorance, confusion and scientific illiteracy, especially about Statistics, are fuelling the fires of fear and despair at this time of national and international insecurity and craziness.

I can understand people having strong political views but constant attacks on individuals and politicians of different persuasion is just not helpful or acceptable. I have already had to block friends who persist in these hate attacks and don’t want to block more. But for my own sanity and protection I will do this if needed.

It seems that finding a middle way of respect and consensus is no longer a favoured option. Instead populistic leaders promote their own ego-derived solutions to very complex problems, and the sheeple just take sides for emotional rather than informed reasons. Let us take the time to listen to and respect each other –  no political party or religion holds the moral high ground, and everyone should be able to express their views without fear of attack and humiliation by social media bullies.

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