November 8, 2018

The Tyranny of the Offended

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:15 am by Aleksan

Just heard an angry young woman complaining about the learned Philosopher Sir Roger Scruton being appointed to a non paid position promoting good Architecture – because he has different views from her on homosexuality! Well I guess they had to give her a say for the sake of “Balance” – something the BBC is obsessed with – but personally I am sick of these petty dictators, the professionally offended, who wish to impose their own biased and often immature views on the rest of us. As one commentator pointed out, this intolerance of others expressing different opinions from their own is characteristic of Maoist politics. I deplore this culture of the offended and the closing down of communication, witch hunts, and manipulation by fear. If we have nothing else, we do have freedom to differ and say what we want in this country – at the moment…

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