November 27, 2018

Rain on the roof and a childhood memory

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Rain is peppering the window and I am feeling safe and sleepy beside the warm radiator. A long time ago a Big Girl from the Village (most likely Audrey or Mavis) took me for a walk on a hill near our Farm. It was a long walk and I was little, and it began to rain very heavily. Mum’s helper, looking after me, found an old tin shed where we sheltered and listened to the rain.

There were little holes on the side where my dad and his friends in the Home Guard had been firing their guns for practice a few years before, when the War was on. I listened to the rain on the roof, sheltering from the wind, and squinted at the outside world through the bullet holes – I felt safe and good like I do now 70 years later. Audrey made contact a few years ago and we shared stories, but I never heard from Mavis? The tin shed disappeared many years ago….

November 22, 2018

Christmas 2018

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Sandy’s bit:

For me a much better year health wise apart from a gammy right knee – the consequence of walking with a stick for so many years and bad posture. Now retired, I am a Founding Trustee of the Fair Ways Foundation, a Charity for children, families and young people with social, educational and mental health challenges. We were third in the Sunday times list of best non-profit businesses and fifth in the year before- look us up on

I continue to ride our elderly grey mare Sonadora, and with Sarah Johns’s help she and the other five Paso Fino horses are thriving and being ridden regularly. Sammy had an operation this year and is now fully recovered, although like me rather slower and stiffer with time.

My Druid studies and practice continue and I love the fellowship of my forest friends, our rituals, the wisdom and compassion we share for all existences, the magic of re-enchanting the world and fulfilling our destinies. – Sandy

Penny’s bit:

We have had a busy year with Garden Openings. Unfortunately two of our National Garden Scheme Sundays had fewer than usual visitors – June conflicted with the World Cup, and our July opening turned out to be the one very wet day in an otherwise dry summer! We hope to do better next year and already have lots of bookings, including a coach trip from The Netherlands.

The photo shows us with of our great nephew Felix – son of Sandy’s niece Alice and her husband Craig.

I was delighted to show my artwork ‘Terra Incognita’ at the MAC gallery earlier this year, it’s the biggest piece I have ever made! The exhibition is travelling on to Sleaford, Lincs, and Scunthorpe next year – Penny

Our daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue to thrive, and we include a photo of our latest grandchild – Thea-Mae, aged one and a half

Terstan Garden Openings 2019 –  2 – 6 pm, Teas, Cakes, Plants, Music

April 21st – June 23rd – July 21st – September 8th

With love and best wishes for Christmas, and a Good New Year,7

Penny and Sandy xx

November 21, 2018

Sign the petition!

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Like, share, sign the petition

Media hysteria, and now rendition

Where is the art of quiet discussion?

Like, share, sign the petition

Or you are the cause of endless pollution

The end of the world will come to fruition

So, like, share and sign the petition

Or you are a heal of the enth dimension

And doom will occur, beyond all mention

So be like me or it will be detention

Like, share, sign the petition…

November 19, 2018

Fear, ignorance and bullying on Social media – no political party or religion holds the moral high ground

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So much complete balderdash is coming into my social network at an increasing rate! Ignorance, confusion and scientific illiteracy, especially about Statistics, are fuelling the fires of fear and despair at this time of national and international insecurity and craziness.

I can understand people having strong political views but constant attacks on individuals and politicians of different persuasion is just not helpful or acceptable. I have already had to block friends who persist in these hate attacks and don’t want to block more. But for my own sanity and protection I will do this if needed.

It seems that finding a middle way of respect and consensus is no longer a favoured option. Instead populistic leaders promote their own ego-derived solutions to very complex problems, and the sheeple just take sides for emotional rather than informed reasons. Let us take the time to listen to and respect each other –  no political party or religion holds the moral high ground, and everyone should be able to express their views without fear of attack and humiliation by social media bullies.

November 12, 2018

Armistice Day – 100 years after the Great War

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With my niece Alice and her son, my great nephew, Felix – photo by Craig

Morning: Thinking of two Great Uncles I never met, both called James, and both killed in the First World War. It is likely that my maternal grandparents met because of their shared grief – both had lost beloved brothers….

Evening: So much sadness, 100 years since the end of the Great War – but this evening all over the country there are fiery Beacons of Hope and the ringing of Church bells. Penny and I have both been out to see the burning Beacon across the Test Valley on Stockbridge Down. A symbol of reconciliation and hope for Peace in times to come after the sacrifice of so many past lives. But it’s not going to happen without a lot of work and especially restraint – “even the Angels bow to those who show Restraint”

November 8, 2018

The Tyranny of the Offended

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Just heard an angry young woman complaining about the learned Philosopher Sir Roger Scruton being appointed to a non paid position promoting good Architecture – because he has different views from her on homosexuality! Well I guess they had to give her a say for the sake of “Balance” – something the BBC is obsessed with – but personally I am sick of these petty dictators, the professionally offended, who wish to impose their own biased and often immature views on the rest of us. As one commentator pointed out, this intolerance of others expressing different opinions from their own is characteristic of Maoist politics. I deplore this culture of the offended and the closing down of communication, witch hunts, and manipulation by fear. If we have nothing else, we do have freedom to differ and say what we want in this country – at the moment…