September 27, 2018

Project Fear – Understanding it’s Origin in Existentialist terms

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:44 am by Aleksan

From an Existentialist viewpoint we all have two opposing fears deep within us – the Fear of Engulfment, of losing our individuality and being overwhelmed by others, and the Fear of Abandonment, feeling alone and losing our connection to others.

Brexit fears reflect these opposing dimensions: Leaving the EU could in some induce a fear of abandonment, of loss, of being alone. Remaining in the EU for others might lead to a fear of engulfment, of losing our individual identity and independence.

So both sides can play on these fears to get support, and we are swayed emotionally depending on whether we most fear losing our independence, or most fear not belonging and connecting. Project Fear from both sides will always be with us, even determining whether we favour the Right (Need for individuality) or the Left (Need to belong)

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